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Mar 16, 2017
Release of new products!
Mar 16, 2017

Congratulations to Alexander Andersson for his win in both stock and modified.




Aug 12, 2015

Team CRC/TRINITY Japan factory driver Yugo Nagashima won 12th Mod class
all-Japan championship. Teammate HAYATO secured 2nd place.





Brushless Motors

Advanced Electronics line of brushless motors.

If you look for plenty of power and top speed, look no further.
Our motors are available in a wide range:

Mod Motors

ADV22035 3.5T Designed for 1:12 and TC.
ADV22045 4.5T Designed for 1:12 and TC.
ADV22055 5.5T Designed for TC.
ADV22055B 5.5T Torque Designed for 4WD off-road
ADV22065 6.5T Designed for 4WD off-road and 2WD high grip.
ADV22075 7.5T Designed for 2WD high grip & 4WD offroad slippery condition.
ADV22085 8.5T Designed for 2WD medium grip.
ADV22095 9.5T Designed for 2WD slippery condition.

Stock Motors

ADV22135 13.5T Designed for 1:12 and TC stock.
ADV22175 17.5T Designed for 1:12 and TC stock.


ADV1152 RPM Rotor 12.3x7.25 (gives a smooth power band very good in 3.5T for 1:12)
ADV1152 Torque Rotor 12.5x5.0

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