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Feb 21, 2013
Congratulations to Dominic Vogl and his win of the Austrian 1:12 National championship title.

Download Center


Download latest bd_tuner_V3.9  pc program (FW included, Only compatible with FW 3.9).
Release note for FW 3.9

When installing the latest bd_tuner old version will be uninstalled.
The V3 uses a different folder structure compared to the old ones:
BD_TUNER_v3 is installed under "c:\program files\ae_bd_tuner\V3\

Future versions will use similar structure.


Download latest bd_tuner_V21  pc program (Only compatible with FW 3.8).
Download latest bd_tuner_V1 for FW 3.5B and older.

Firmware for Black Diamond (save on computer and unzip to Program\AE_BD_TUNER\fw):
Latest release V3.8 FW - FW_3.8 (Must use BD_TUNER_V2).
Release note for FW 3.8
Latest released V3.5 FW - FW_3.5B 
Release note for FW 3.5B


PC SW Installation guide

PC-CABLE Installation/Troubleshoot guide

Black Diamond ESC manual

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