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Mar 25, 2014

Congratulation to the fine race results!

Alexander Andersson winner of Norweigen 1:12 Championship
Jakob Zündl Winner of Austrian 1:12 Championship
Dominic Vogl second at Austrian 1:12 Championship
Alex Tyson Winner of 1:12 State title in Australia

Jan 12, 2014
A new pc software is released for download.
This setup also includes the latest FW 3.9
Available under download page.
Mar 24, 2013

Alexander Andersson winner of the final at "mellansvenska elbilscupen".

Rolle Ström takes 3rd.

Congratulations to the podium!


ESC Accessories

Parts for your Advanced Electronics ESC


ADV1126 - Jumper kit 5pcs
ADV1110 - Receiver wire with heat shrink 30cm Length
ADV1142 - Receiver wire silicone LW 26AWG 20cm Length
ADV1143 - Receiver wire silicone LW 26AWG 10cm Length
ADV1144 - Receiver wire silicone HD 24AWG 20cm Length
ADV1145 - Receiver wire silicone HD 24AWG 10cm Length
ADV1111 - Capacitor for Black Diamond
ADV1129 - Advanced Black Diamond PCcable to connect your speedo to PC for tuning.
ADV1109 - Fan set, size 25mm x 6.9mm connector and screws to fit Black Diamond ESC
ADV1146 - RX Battery cable, connector to hook up RX battery to your ESC 10cm length
ADV1146B - RX Battery cable, connector to hook up RX battery to your ESC with JST connector.


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