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Aug 12, 2015

Team CRC/TRINITY Japan factory driver Yugo Nagashima won 12th Mod class
all-Japan championship. Teammate HAYATO secured 2nd place.




Mar 25, 2014

Congratulation to the fine race results!

Alexander Andersson winner of Norweigen 1:12 Championship
Jakob Zündl Winner of Austrian 1:12 Championship
Dominic Vogl second at Austrian 1:12 Championship
Alex Tyson Winner of 1:12 State title in Australia

Jan 12, 2014
A new pc software is released for download.
This setup also includes the latest FW 3.9
Available under download page.

ESC Accessories

Parts for your Advanced Electronics ESC


ADV1126 - Jumper kit 5pcs
ADV1110 - Receiver wire with heat shrink 30cm Length
ADV1142 - Receiver wire silicone LW 26AWG 20cm Length
ADV1143 - Receiver wire silicone LW 26AWG 10cm Length
ADV1144 - Receiver wire silicone HD 24AWG 20cm Length
ADV1145 - Receiver wire silicone HD 24AWG 10cm Length
ADV1111 - Capacitor for Black Diamond
ADV1129 - Advanced Black Diamond PCcable to connect your speedo to PC for tuning.
ADV1109 - Fan set, size 25mm x 6.9mm connector and screws to fit Black Diamond ESC
ADV1146 - RX Battery cable, connector to hook up RX battery to your ESC 10cm length
ADV1146B - RX Battery cable, connector to hook up RX battery to your ESC with JST connector.


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