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Mar 25, 2014

Congratulation to the fine race results!

Alexander Andersson winner of Norweigen 1:12 Championship
Jakob Zündl Winner of Austrian 1:12 Championship
Dominic Vogl second at Austrian 1:12 Championship
Alex Tyson Winner of 1:12 State title in Australia

Jan 12, 2014
A new pc software is released for download.
This setup also includes the latest FW 3.9
Available under download page.
Mar 24, 2013

Alexander Andersson winner of the final at "mellansvenska elbilscupen".

Rolle Ström takes 3rd.

Congratulations to the podium!


Download Center


Download latest bd_tuner_V3.9  pc program (FW included, Only compatible with FW 3.9).
Release note for FW 3.9

When installing the latest bd_tuner old version will be uninstalled.
The V3 uses a different folder structure compared to the old ones:
BD_TUNER_v3 is installed under "c:\program files\ae_bd_tuner\V3\

Future versions will use similar structure.


Download latest bd_tuner_V21  pc program (Only compatible with FW 3.8).
Download latest bd_tuner_V1 for FW 3.5B and older.

Firmware for Black Diamond (save on computer and unzip to Program\AE_BD_TUNER\fw):
Latest release V3.8 FW - FW_3.8 (Must use BD_TUNER_V2).
Release note for FW 3.8
Latest released V3.5 FW - FW_3.5B 
Release note for FW 3.5B


PC SW Installation guide

PC-CABLE Installation/Troubleshoot guide

Black Diamond ESC manual

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