Advanced Electronics line of brushless motors.

If you look for plenty of power and top speed, look no further.
Our motors are available in a wide range:

Mod Motors

ADV22035 3.5T Designed for 1:12 and TC.
ADV22045 4.5T Designed for 1:12 and TC.
ADV22055 5.5T Designed for TC.
ADV22055B 5.5T Torque Designed for 4WD off-road
ADV22065 6.5T Designed for 4WD off-road and 2WD high grip.
ADV22075 7.5T Designed for 2WD high grip & 4WD offroad slippery condition.
ADV22085 8.5T Designed for 2WD medium grip.
ADV22095 9.5T Designed for 2WD slippery condition.

Stock Motors

ADV22135 13.5T Designed for 1:12 and TC stock.
ADV22175 17.5T Designed for 1:12 and TC stock.


ADV1152 RPM Rotor 12.3x7.25 (gives a smooth power band very good in 3.5T for 1:12)
ADV1152 Torque Rotor 12.5x5.0